PolarPro Peter Mckinnon 6-9 VND

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  • The predefined stop range eliminates the risk of cross-polarization.
  • Zero vignetting up to 16 mm focal length objectives.
  • 82 mm 6/9 (6 to 9 stops of light reduction).
  • Edition 2 featuring the new haptic feedback mechanism and new Defender360 cover.
  • The most reliable filter among content creators around the world

PolarPro Variable ND filters allow you to adjust the shutter speed of your camera in all light conditions. Ideal for anyone who uses their camera for filming. Peter McKinnon filters are made of quartz glass. They indicate the number of stops. This filter is adjustable from 6 to 9 f-stops: ideal for filming in LOG fomrat with ISO values higher than 400. Even using a 16mm lens, there is no vignetting. Variable ND filters are supplied in a luxury box, with aluminium case, cover and ‘Defender360’ lens cover. Variable ND filters are part of the Quartzline Series: filters made from 99.9% pure quartz glass offering unprecedented durability and clarity. The glass element has a very low refractive index of only 1.46, meaning that there is no loss of sharpness when using this filter. In addition, quartz glass is extremely temperature-resistant and is ideal for sensors up to 100 megapixels. Perfect for photographers and filmmakers who like to work in extreme conditions. The proven Signature edition in the field of adventure, has a completely new look. Reimagined with a unique haptic feedback mechanism to effortlessly change the shutdown value without leaving the field of vision.


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