We are attending Dogstival 2021

Get ready for the coolest dog show in town: Dogstival 2021!

In the heart of the New Forest on the 5th – 6th June, people will be arriving from all over to visit this festival all about dogs (of course, taking all the precautions to stay safe too)! There is so much to be seen and tons of fun to be had, like meeting other dogs and their owners, watching exciting dog shows, learning new ways to take care of your fury pet, and awesome stalls for the humans to browse — let us tell you all about it!

What to do?

There is so much to do at Dogstival, that they decided to spread it out over two whole days instead of just one. But what have they got lined up? Well, let me tell you, you’ll be in for a real treat!

Dog House Stage: Here you will learn how to keep your dog in the best health possible. You will be treated to talks and demos on all things canine such as health, behaviour and wellbeing. Discover what yummy treats you can make for your dog, and meet Dr Scott, resident vet on ITV’s This Morning, and host of his own show “Vet On the Hill”. Natalie Light—a leading behaviourist—will also be in attendance with demonstrations and tips on dog behaviour.

Top Dawg Show Ring: A new arena has been created for this event, and you’ll be able to meet rare dog breeders, puppy behavioural experts, and learn fun new tricks to impress your friends and family. This year it’s hosted by dog trainer and Crufts Champion Jodie Forbes along with her ‘Team Crazelpup’.

Fun Dog Show: If you think your dog has a cool skill or just looks downright adorable, why not enter them into the Fun Dog Show? At only £5 to enter, and with all proceeds going to charity, it is definitely worth entering! One of the categories even includes the “Best Festival Dressed”. I mean, can you imagine the glorious outfits all those doggos will be wearing as they wonder around the festival?

K9 Splash Pool & Agility Arena: They’ve got all the usual activities your doggos can enjoy like agility, Hoopers Ring, or Flyball. But this year, they’ve also got an aqua sports dock and dive pool, Scent Work Challenges, and an “ancient hunting ground”, where your doggos can learn to be better hunters. You can also take your doggo to learn Barkour and other agility tricks — a great way to build a strong bond with your dog and for them to learn to listen to you (because they sure do like to push it sometimes, right?)

Stall Holders: There are over 150 exhibitioners lined up with delicious goodies for both doggos and humans. From food, collars and harnesses, to luxury beds and clothes, there’s everything you could possibly need. Did someone say Build Your Own Cheesecake Bar? Because I’m already hungry!

Live Music: The festival needs some awesome tunes, and they are not going to disappoint. Carley Varley, Tom Skinner, and Kev Jackson are just a few names in the line-up, so if you want to take a break from all the energetic activities, you can sit back and relax with the music, whilst your doggo recharges their batteries before getting stuck back in.

Where To Stay?

If you’re planning on making a weekend of your Dogstival visit, then there are plenty of dog friendly places to stay in the New Forest so you can make the most out of your time there! So whether you fancy boutique pubs, holiday parks, five star hotels or self-catering cottages, you will be spoilt for choice! You can take a look at the list here.

There are a lot of fun activities to do outside of Dogstival as well. Exploring the woodland and discovering the wildlife is a must-do when visiting the New Forest. You’ll often see horses, cows, and donkeys roaming around, so be careful if you’re driving.

Have you booked your tickets yet?

Well, have you? Do it now! Dogstival sounds like it will be an absolutely amazing time for all the family, both on two legs and on four! Even if you don’t own a dog, you can still go and enjoy all the shows, see the other dogs, and maybe give them a good ear scratch (with the owner’s permission of course).

You can book your tickets, find out where to stay, take a closer look at all the events, and get a sneak peek at what stallholders will be in attendance, here.

We will be attending, so look forward to seeing you all there!

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