We re-homed our dog – The story

We bought Ocsar back in February 2018, aged 10 months. We didn’t want a puppy, but wanted a relatively young dog, so decided to rehome one. Having looked on the RSPCA website, as well as the. PDWRA, there was nothing suitable at the time of looking, so we turned to the wider internet. We had heard horror stories about people buying dogs online, so were very careful and thorough with. Our research. We decided to use a website called pets 4 homes, who manually check their ads, in an attempt to protect their buyers from puppy farms.

After hours of research, we found a beautiful little dog. 10 months old, KC registered, fully vaccinated and they were selling him because the dog and the cat didn’t get on. So far, so good. We got in touch with the seller and asked to see proof of the kennel club certificate and vaccinations. We asked for the breeder details and even got to see videos of the dog. After calling the breeder and quizzing her about the dog, everything checked out and all seemed good.

The next step was to make the 120 mile journey to Romford to meet the seller. We agreed a time and booked a check up at the vets. We had agreed that we would only buy the dog if everything checked out health wise, as you hear a lot about pugs having breathing problems etc. The journey was so tense, knowing that we would either be bringing a dog home, or going back empty handed (and sad).

Luckily for us, the seller was real and we finally got to meet the dog, sonny. He was the most shy, gentle and sweet dog we have ever seen and we instantly fell in love. He spent most of the time cowered in the corner, but slowly came around and let us have a cuddle. We took him for a walk with the seller, collected up his things, spoke about his likes and dislikes and finally agreed to buy him, on the understanding that the vet check came back okay. If we thought the car journey was tense, this was another level. We were already in love. What if he was unhealthy?

Phew. It came back clear. We were told that his breathing was exceptionally good for a pug and he was a very happy and healthy dog in every way. YAY!! We made the bank transfer in the middle of Pets at Home Romford and the seller said his goodbyes. We got sonny comfy in the car, snuggled up with his own toys and bed and made the journey back to his new home, the Isle of Wight. Despite making several stops, he refused to go to the toilet the whole way home. Or when we got home. Or that whole night. We had hourly alarms set throughout the night, but still no luck. He was anxious and couldn’t relax. Fast forward a few days and he had made himself at home.

The first photo we ever took of Oscar
Oscar's first ever ferry trip

Fast forward two years and we all couldn’t be happier. He is the most spoilt, crazy and loving dog, with the most amazing characteristics. Oh and he’s called Oscar now. Oscar The Handsome Pug!

Emma (Human to The Handsome Pugs) 🐶🐾

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