Who are the Handsome Pugs?

The Handsome Pugs is made up of Oscar and Henry and as the name states, they are very handsome pugs! They live on the Isle of Wight with humans, Emma and Matt.

As a family, we enjoy long dog walks and exploring new places in the UK, which we share on our blog. Emma is a Professional Property Photographer, but loves taking pictures of the pugs in her free time. Take a look at some of our favourite photos in our gallery.

The Handsome Pugs could not be more different, but they make the perfect pair and everyone who meets them instantly falls in love with them.

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Oscar’s Story

We re-homed Oscar on 3rd February 2018 when he was just 9 months old. He was the most timid boy and was scared of pretty much everything! Fast forward three years and Oscar is still such a scaredy pug, but he has massively come out of his shell and become the most amazing character!

Oscar has pretty much remained a puppy… He loves killing soft toys, he will demolish a squeeky ball and sticks are his favourite thing in the world. He carries one on every walk and forms a bond with each and every one. He is playful, but is also the sweetest and kindest boy you will ever meet. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and is the world’s best snuggler!

Henry’s Story

We rescued Henry from our local RSPCA on 20th March 2020, just days before the first national UK lockdown. Henry was four at the time. He needed several operations before he could come home with us, but he was such a brave boy and recovered really well, settling into our home almost instantly. Henry takes everything in his stride and is definitely a character.

He can be a grumpy boy, but he’s also the sweetest boy. He comes with some separation anxiety and a bit of a barking habit, but we love him all the same. Henry is a piglet and will do anything for a treat, which also makes him a fantastic model. His favourite thing is to play with his brother (on his terms).