The story of Henry The Handsome Pug

We first saw handsome Henry on a Facebook post from our local RSPCA. We instantly fell in love with his massive eyes, so rushed down to register our interest. Days later, we got the call to say that we had been chosen as Henry’s perfect match. We were over the moon!

The first time we met Henry, he wasn’t quite what we expected. He could barely breathe, he was overweight and he had a habit of weeing on everything. He was booked in with the RSPCA to have entropion surgery (his eyelashes were stabbing into his eyes), a castration and a lump removal. They were also giving him a face lift to remove some wrinkles and rhinoplasty to widen his nostrils and help with the breathing issue.

We met Henry a few times on our own and eventually took Oscar to the RSPCA to meet his potential new brother. The boys got on like a house on fire. We couldn’t be happier and knew he had to come home with us! Several operations and weeks later, we picked him up and he became a permanent member of our family. Henry The Handsome Pug was born.


Henry is an independent Pugster. He loves getting snuggly, but on his terms. If you try to move him when he is snoozy, you will definitely get growled at. However, he is happy to be picked up on a walk if it’s muddy, or if there are obstacles. As long as he calls the shots, he is very easy going, but he can definitely be a grumpster. Having said that, he is a lovely boy and he would never hurt a fly. On walkies, he runs up to every single person who passes by to say hello to them.

Henry is the biggest piglet going. He will do anything for a treat… and I mean anything! Henry is very easy going and he’s not afraid of anything. He can sleep anywhere and regularly does – from boxes and baskets, to laptops and piles of clean washing. You wouldn’t believe how many dog beds we have in the house for him to choose from!

Henry isn’t particularly interested in other dogs and he doesn’t really understand how to play with other dogs. He will chase Oscar around for hours, but he normally ends up getting knocked over if other dogs are involved. He is definitely a clumsy boy! Henry is a man’s dog and will usually sit on any men that come into our home. Sleeping is his favourite thing to do, so he loves a good lap.

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DSC02836 (1)

We adopted Henry when he was four years old, so we don’t know anything about his past. He does have a few bad habits – including screaming like a crazy pug whenever anyone leaves the house and barking like a lunatic in the car. Slowly but surely, we are training these things out of him, but regardless, we love Henry The Handsome Pug to bits!

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