RØDE VideoMic Pro+

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Details from Amazon:

  • Automatic Power Function (with plug-in power availability) – turns the microphone off when unplugged from the camera.
  • Power Options – can be powered by the all-new and included RØDE LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, 2 x AA Batteries or continuously via Micro USB.
  • Digital Switching – now includes 2 Stage High Pass filter, 3 Stage Gain Control, High Frequency Boost & Safety Channel
  • Brand New Capsule & Optimised Windshield Shape
  • This microphone is compatible with all microphones that have a TRRS plug and providing the voltage Plug-in-power (about 3V)
  • Capsule : 1.397 cm

The RØDE VideoMic Pro+ is a new addition to the best-in-market on-camera category. It is a true shotgun microphone designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio. Still with the best-in-class Rycote Lyre suspension system on-board, the VideoMic Pro+ improves on the existing VideoMic Pro capsule/line tube and windshield, plus boasts a host of new features. Includes in the box – Rechargeable Battery, Micro USB Cable & Detachable 3.5mm TRS Cable.


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