Let’s Talk Doodlebone

Doodlebone is the home of funky dog products. From bright and bold dog leads, collars and harnesses to blankets, treats, jackets and poo bags! 

Always designed and made to the same sky-high standards, their products are extremely popular with pooches and the humans behind them. Oh, and they offer free UK delivery too!

Who are Doodlebone?

Doodlebone started business in 2011 when the owners got their first dog, Aimee. Their aim was to have her looking smart and modern in well-designed accessories, without breaking the bank. At the time, there was not much on the market that fit this brief, so they took matters in to their own paws… We mean hands!

Their first product was the famous AirMesh Harness, which they designed in a range of bright and bold colours and this is what really started it all for Doodlebone. Funnily enough, this was the first harness we bought both Oscar and Henry and we still use them to this day.

Once they realised their AirMesh harnesses were such a hit, they decided it was time to create collars, leads and harnesses which they now have in 10 wooftastic colours! Today they have a range of 20 different products under their umbrella and they are growing all the time.

Here are some of the Doodlebone products we’ve been lucky enough to try recently…

AirMesh Harnesses

We are HUGE fans of the AirMesh harness. We own it in red, black, teal and army print. The boys are always twinning in their Doodlebone harnesses and we think you’ll agree, they look fabulous!

The AirMesh harnesses are made from a clever breathable AirMesh fabric and a tough nylon hemming means they are far more comfortable than traditional collar and lead and they are very durable. We are yet to break one and the harnesses have been through a lot!

They always look really comfy too… if I were a dog, this is the harness I would opt for 😅

There is a handy size chart on their website to help you get the right size for your pooch, but as a guide Oscar wears Medium and Henry large (he has such a giant head).

Nuri Soft Bites

These get a big thumbs up from the boys!  They are a natural tasty treat for dogs and also nourishing. They double up as supplements to their daily food, and you are able to feed your dog up to ten treats per day to maintain a healthy body weight for your pooch.

They are hand made to a grain-free recipe and cooked in wood fire oven to create that scrumptious flavour dogs can’t get enough of!

These treats are available in three flavours; brilliant beef, delishy duck and super salmon. I don’t think the pugs have a favourite as they are obsessed with them all, but if we had to ask Henry would say Duck and Oscar would say Salmon.

From a human point of view, I think they smell great and they are fairly clean… Compared to some treats which make a right mess.

Eco-friendly poo bags

As we all should know, looking after the environment in every way possible should be at the core of everything we do in our daily life, and your dog walks should be no exception.

Doodlebone have created a range of environmentally friendly poo bags and we were so excited to try them! They feature 18-micron thickness to keep your hands clean, they are 100% Biodegradable in as little as 90 days and they are PLASTIC FREE!

It’s also worth mentioning that they are scented to hide the stinkiness. Mum likes this! They are also stupidly soft to touch.

We’d love to see a version of these with handles and in an ideal world we’d love them in black too… But you can’t be too picky!

Doodlebone have gifted us these items, but all views are our own.

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