100% Natural Dog Food

We have been feeding our dogs, Oscar and Henry, Pets Love Fresh for over a year now, so we figured it was about time we shared with you what the pugs and the humans think.

The Company

Pets Love Fresh is a UK business, based in Essex. They offer a range of frozen dog food, which arrives at our door using a next day delivery service. The chubs of food arrive frozen and you simply pop them in the freezer and defrost as and when you need them.

The team at Pets Love Fresh are super friendly! Customer service is important to us and that is one box that they definitely tick. If you are considering their food and are unsure if your dog will like it, head over to their Instagram page and drop them a message… They are always so happy to help!

The Food

Their starter pack comes with a branded bamboo chopping board and glass container… We love these! We also really appreciate their use of eco-friendly packaging. It’s the small things!

The Pets Love Fresh chubs are made from human grade chicken and they smell amazing, unlike a lot of dog food. If I had to eat any dog food as a human, I would definitely pick Pets Love Fresh! Their chicken chubs are super easy to cut and it always goes down a treat with the dogs. They get excited as soon as they see the box arrive at the door.

Psst… You can use our code 20BYHANDSOME over on their website to save yourself 20% on your starter pack.

We usually serve the boys half a portion of Pets Love Fresh each, cutting it up nice and small. We’d serve this along with half a portion of dry food and a little water to soften it all up. The boys usually eat the chunks of Pets Love Fresh first, so that is definitely a good sign.

Only downside… I have the brain of a goldfish, so often forget to defrost the chubs in advance. Sorry Pugsters!

Pets Love Fresh have gifted us their food, but all views are our own.

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